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  1. R

    Do I Have To Put My Home Address On Labels? (United Kingdom)

    Hi, I make my own cosmetic products from home and I'm working on the labelling. I'm based in the United Kingdom. My question is, do I have to use my home address on the label? According to the government website on labelling requirements, it says the following: "A Responsible Person must have...
  2. R

    Lib Balm labels not sticking

    Hi! I use online labels (this specific label: 2.125" x 2.125" Lip Balm Labels with Perforated Tamper Evident Tab Seal - White Gloss Laser - OL1102WS ) on a plastic lip balm tube. My labels often peel off over time. Any advice on what to use to wipe off the tubes with before sticking the labels...
  3. Lefty

    Wrapping Soap for Donation - Suggestions Needed

    I have a lot of extra soap that I am going to be donating to a local homeless shelter. I contacted them and they said they do not need to be labeled, but they would prefer they be wrapped. I'm going to cut them into guest/hotel size bars. I'm looking for suggestions for a quick and easy way to...
  4. Jerliesa

    Sticker Labels

    I am having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, y'all. I'm all out of can, my even is non existent. Online labels is killing me. I can't seem to get these labels to print right for anything. Everything is always off center and if I don't buy weatherproof paper they smudge and the...
  5. scott312

    Can Avery label software be used to print on plain paper?

    Can Avery label software be used to print on plain paper? I have a new iMac and I haven't bought a printer. I can use mac Pages but for me Avery is a lot faster. Thank you guys
  6. M

    How to make labels

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could give me some guidance on making labels for my lip balms, lotions, and salt scrubs. I used to create a label, but I'm having trouble customizing it to the various sizes and shapes for each item (round for salt scrub, etc). Does anyone...
  7. M

    Wrapped or Unwrapped?

    So since I've been making soap I've always done the cigar band wrapped around my soap with the info printed on it. I'm looking at ordering some new materials and my husband thinks I should shrink wrap instead with a label on the front and back. My whole marketing is simple and natural. So...
  8. C

    Just labels (not printing) in custom color

    Hello, Has anyone used online label company just for blank label sheets on background color of our choice. We have local print company who will do printing but just looking for sheets of labels in color we want to go with. I checked with onlinelabels but they only sell in pre-determined...
  9. cestbeaucreations


    I am looking for a great place to get labels that won't cost an arm and a leg. Do you use photoshop to make your own? How do so many get such great looking labels? I know my creations are neat [to me at least ;)] and I know what I am really lacking are some fabulous labels. I have been just...
  10. W

    Use by symbol?

    Who is allowed to use that "use by" symbol? You know, the one with the open container and inside it says something like: 6M (6 months), 12M, 24M, etc. Often you'll see it on cosmetics. Where does one get the little symbol to put on something like their lotion? Are we small business owners...
  11. K

    where to buy labels

    Can anyone help me out with some links for some places where I may be able to find some really pretty labels for soaps and bath and body products? thanks
  12. H

    Labels for Lotion

    Hello, I am wondering which labels will work best for 8oz bottles. And where the best/cheapest place is to get them. I have an inkjet printer and have read about using clear coat over them so the ink doesn't run. Any suggestions? TIA
  13. S

    Ideas for inexpensive melt and pour soap labels

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to make an inexpensive but professional looking soap label for my melt and pour soaps? Thank you for your help.8)
  14. S

    question about labeling melt and pour soap

    I have been making melt and pour soaps for about a year. I needed to quit my job to focus on my college studies full time. The soap making started out as a hobby but soon became a little money on the side. I already sold some soaps to family and friends but would like to start selling online...