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Mar 13, 2012
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New Jersey
Has anyone used online label company just for blank label sheets on background color of our choice. We have local print company who will do printing but just looking for sheets of labels in color we want to go with. I checked with onlinelabels but they only sell in pre-determined colors. Thanks so much in advance.

I would suggest that you check with whomever you purchase you labels for for max temp they can take while printing and then contact the print shop and verify that they equipment can accept the labels. I used to use waterpoof labels from onlinelabels but they do not have their original labels and their new one melt to my fuser drum in my oki and yes that is with changing the temp in my printer to its lowest. Probably better to just give the site info to your printer and let them check themselves. Just a though, white labels look so much cleaner and easier to read.Clear labels look nice but I find will yellow over time

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