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  1. B

    Making soap paste with coffee

    I have recently made a great soap paste with goat milk where the goat milk is chilled and added at trace. I saw a thread where someone asked about coffee in the paste and diluting with coffee as well but I want to know about just making the paste with coffee and diluting with just water or a...
  2. B

    I don't know if I need help?

    So yeah, I got into soap making (hot process) but messed it up a few times. Attepmt 1: used alluminium pot 2: PTFE pot but scratched the pot and the KOH reacted with the alluminium beneath. 3: the mixture didn't trace at ALL and after moulding it's still wet (72hrs have passed) Current...
  3. C

    Liquid bar soap

    Is it possible to make transparent bar soap using KOH? I mean like, there's some people that makes this succesfully and teach class with it. Thanks in advance.
  4. L

    KOH purity

    Hi! I'm a beginner soapmaker and I'm interested in making liquid soap. The KOH lye I want to use is according to the manufacturer 90-100% pure. That's a 10% difference.. So I'm not sure what percentage to put in the soap calculator? What will happen if I put a too low percentage? What will...
  5. F

    KOH accuracy in liquid bases with multiple fats

    Hi everyone! This is my first post to the forum and I'm very happy to share company with many veteran soap makers. I am a complete novice (I've made four batches of mild liquid soap in the last two months) and new to this space, so PLEASE forgive my ignorance as I build a working knowledge of...
  6. Meena

    1st LS batch - KOH question

    In @IrishLass 's wonderfully detailed LS tutorial (including greatly helpful pictures!), she is dissolving the KOH by boiling it with water on the stove. I have about -0-, ziltch, ventilation in my kitchen (stove exhaust broken), so I am wondering (and hoping) if KOH can be dissolved as for...
  7. J

    Newbie question re Songwind thread

    On the very first page of the Songwind Shaving Soap thread, the OP gives the amounts of stearic, coconut oil, glycerin and essential oils they used for their small batch of shave soap. https://www.soapmakingforum.com/threads/my-first-shaving-soap-is-a-success.34264/ They say they saponified...
  8. C

    On the Chemistry of Liquid Soap Making Processes...

    Hello Soap Making Forum! This is my first post on the site (although I have been lurking in the shadows for some time now lol). I should start by saying what an excellent resource this site is for soap makers, with such detailed content and expert opinions. Great work everyone! :) I am a bit...
  9. MySoapyHeart

    KOH/Potash - Norwegian name confusion

    I am sorry to bother you good people, but I have for months now been searching in stores for this KOH - so I could try my hand at liquid soapmaking in adition to the bars. Now I am confused about what is in Norway considered to be the stuff that you call KOH. The people who sell me the...
  10. rosche

    Lye strength weaken over time

    So...I'm currently make quite a lot of small batches of soap. Since I make a lot, therefore I often open my lye container. What I'm concern is somewhat the lye 'feel' not as strong as like the first time I use it. I mean, when I first use the lye, the lye dissolve very quickly and have...
  11. F

    Liquid soap cloudy after adding salt water

    Hello! I made my first batch of liquid castile soap which came out wonderful and clear, however after adding salt water to thicken, I notice a fine precipitate floating throughout it now a few days later, compared to the part of the batch I left separate as a comparison. Any ideas? Will...
  12. X

    help! less water added

    hi guys, I'm new in making liquid soap. today I made a stupid mistake, I only added 1.4times water while dissolving the KOH, the soap has been made for 6hours, it is now traced and very sticky,I don't know what I can do now to make it up, or just leave it? what result it will be?