kaolin clay


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  1. allimac

    Crafters Choice kaolin clay

    I'm not sure this is the right forum for this question so please forgive me if it's not. A soap crafting supply seller said that Crafter's Choice kaolin clay is bleached but I can find no evidence of this. In fact, in a Q/A post from 2015, WSP said their kaolin clay does not go through any...
  2. Mestiza Girl

    Kaolin Clay Recipe Help!

    Hey everybody! I'm trying to concoct an exfoliating lemon poppyseed soap for my second batch ever!! My first batch used the same oils in the same amounts and turned out pretty great (all I added to that batch was rose fragrance). I was wondering if I could apply the same percentages to this...
  3. N

    Kaolin Clay in bath bombs

    Hello everyone! I have a recipe for bath bombs and am needing to know how much kaolin clay to add to make my bath bombs more hard. I find that they are breaking so I wanted to add a stabilizing ingredient. If someone sees something wrong with my recipe please let me know. .20 oz. Epsom salt .45...
  4. L

    Kaolin Clay

    How much do you use to add slip to your soap...not as a colourant? I tried 1 tsp ppo, but I think I need more!