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  1. BlueEyedFloozy

    I'm kind of freaking out

    Hey everyone! I'm brand new here and fairly new to soap making. I have a safety question. I am making hot process soap and my mouth feels a little zappy after eating in the same room that the soap is cooking in. I was extremely careful (I'm one of those people who are afraid of dangerous...
  2. TrueGold

    Does Hot Process Soap Sweat?

    Greetings All And Happy Holidays! Newbie question: Does hot process soap sweat? I'm a melt & pour soap maker and wanting to go into HP (CP is just too long and bothersome for me). My issue with MP soaps are that they are prone to sweating in humid environments like here in Sydney, Australia...
  3. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Herbal Oil-Based Extract (via Alcohol Intermediary Method) for Soaping & / Body Oils

    Hello, I want to retain the beneficial properties of medicinal plants but am confronted with the following challenges. -- CHALLENGES -- 1. The extracts of many plants are most potent when medicinal properties are drawn out in, of all things; alcohol. However, alcohol is undesirable to me...
  4. J

    Hot Process Soap Making with Crockpot

    I have a crockpot with a cracked ceramic liner. Is it okay to use a crockpot liner in hot process soapmaking? It worked okay with family dinners, but I have another pot for food. Just want to use my old pot for soap. Anyone want to help me out? I'm going to begin soapmaking (for myself and...
  5. kelly2019

    Beer and wine soap

    Hello everyone! I've made a few batches of HP beer soap, which I have included 5% castor oil in. I saw somewhere that a soapmaker left off the castor oil when using beer, because it makes great lather on its own. I'm getting ready to make more beer soap...and also wine soap, which I assume would...
  6. M

    Color Stabilizer in HP

    I once read in a thread here that color stabilizer worked better by adding it to the batch oils instead of the FO. Does anyone know if this also works for HP as well as CP? Just don't know if the cooking will affect it. Also, what ratio of stabilizer to FO would you use for 2.5% vanillin...
  7. Danielle_WM

    Help- Large Chunks in HP Bastille-ish Soap. Cook Stages Did Not Look Like Pics.

    Hello, Been searching the threads and Google for some answers, but didn't quite find was I was looking for. I am not new to CP soap making, but I decided to give HP soap a try. I did a spin on bastille soap but added an exotic butter: Ucuuba. I've never had any issues with CP soap. My recipe...
  8. K

    New soap maker worried about lye pockets

    Hi I just made my first batch of Hot Process soap in crockpot. The recipe called for %100 coconut oil with a 20% SF... So the lye/water was 12oz H2O and just under 4oz NaOH...used about 30 to 32 oz of 76 degree coconut traced after about 10 minutes or was heating in the...