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  1. MellonFriend

    How to Tell if it Gelled

    So, I'm having trouble understanding whether my bars gelled. The first batch, I know did because I checked on it hours after I put it in the mold and it looked wet all the way out to the edges. Now the second two batches, I'm just not sure. I checked on them about two-three hours after I put...
  2. spiritpots

    gel phase question

    I'm new to soap making and just unmolded and cut my fourth batch of CP soap and notice that the bars have a darker edge around all sides. This recipe for lavender mint soap includes avocado oil and a little cocoa butter in addition to olive, coconut and castor oils. I made this soap six days ago...
  3. bizarrebunny

    partial gel in cut soap

    I just cut a slice of my first soap in half to make it a better size and discovered that it looks like it partially gelled. But I'm confused because the gelled part is running down the centre of the sliced soap. There was no sign of gel when I first cut the soap, 24hrs after I made it, so the...
  4. M

    How long do I leave coconut milk soap in mold?

    Hello, I made 3lbs of Citrus Shampoo Bars last night. I used coconut milk in my lye mixture, instead of water. I am including the recipe below so you know exactly what is in it: 2oz Cocoa Butter 9oz Virgin Coconut Oil 11oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil 7oz Castor Oil 4oz Jajoba Oil 1oz Sweet...
  5. M

    My soap exploded in the mold??

    Hello.. I made 4lbs of Gingerbread Pumpkin soap tonight. I poured half into a 2lb mold that I've used several times before with no issue and the other half into a cardboard box lined with parchment paper. I checked on it 25 mins after pouring into molds and the cardboard box mold soap looked...
  6. M

    When can I unmold?

    Hello all! This is my first time posting on this forum, although I have posted several times on TalkSoap forum several times this past week. I've been making bath bombs, lotion, sugar scrubs, etc for a while now, but I am very new to soaping and am trying to learn as much as possible. The...
  7. thinkativeone

    100% Coconut Oil Cleaning Soap

    I know I haven't posted in ages, sorry, guys. Won't go into it deeply but it's a good thing I've stayed away from making soap for awhile, an illness and loss in our family and a ridiculous amount of work done on our only vehicle in just over 1 month... But fall is here! And that means the...
  8. K

    woad ratio -not enough?

    Hello Folks, I am on my sixth batch---here is my question: The soap we made this a.m. is a goats milk soap with palm, coconut, olive, macadamia and castor. We added lavender, chamomile and frankencense EO. We tried to color it with woad (first time with woad) following the ratio...