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  1. Todd Ziegler

    Homemade Vanilla color stabilizer (VCS) summary

    Here is the recipe for the homemade VCS which we are affectionately calling "Zigali's color stabilizer or ZCS for short" the acrynim will help distinguish between the homemade and those you buy through a retailer. The recipe of 3 oz metabisulfate and 3 oz thiosulfate in 10 oz water translates...
  2. Kosmerta

    Is it possible to work with fragrance discoloration

    I have the Warm Flannel fragrance oil from Bramble Berry and it smells wonderful. It is noted on the website as having a dark brown discoloration in cold process. I actually want my soap to be a rustic brown- red because that is what I think of when I think of flannel. I have Dark Red Brazilian...