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  1. WhittanyWho

    It’s the underdog

    During its first debut, this soap wasn’t a big hit. It even came in a container with a sponge the first time around. I reduced the packaging, and I gave it a new, goofy name, and it became a big hit this weekend. It could be that people are finally starting to believe that this cleans everything...
  2. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Dish Soap Paste

    I want to attempt dish soap paste that is kept in a bowl at the sink. This is my recipe. PKO, 100% Caustic Soda(s): NaOH @ 80% and; KOH @ 20% Lye concentration @ 35% Caustic soda discount @ 0%. (MIght consider something like -0.5%, if useful) Glycerine @ 5% SG @ 1% Since my location has a...
  3. M

    fragrance / essential oils

    is it safe to use fragrance oil in cold process dish washing soap? I made a soap that was intended for body use but just too drying for the skin. I’ve seen a good amount of dish washing recipes with 100% CO . I’m wondering if I could use up the soap for washing dishes so it doesn’t waste :) I...
  4. L

    Dish soap, Laundry soap, adjucts etc

    Hi everyone im new here and new to liquid soap but have been making CP bars for a while. i am looking for a tried and tested recipe for dish soap and laundry soap either CPLP or HPLP. we live in a hard water area so im thinking of adding Borax one because i heard it helps with the hard water...