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  1. J

    Tallow/canola oil mixed shortening -Sunspun brand

    Hi, I wonder if anyone has used a mixed shortening, comprised of beef tallow and canola oil. I have SUNSPUN brand, and cannot seem to get an answer on percentages of beef/canola that are in it. Does anyone have an idea of what I should enter it as in the soap calculators? Also, has anyone used...
  2. Iluminameluna

    Still working on recipes

    I wanted to share the last 5 batches of soap I've made. I'm still trying to figure out how to create colors without micas or oxides because I can't get them. So far they all seem to work out, except for one batch that seems to be drying, even though it has little CO. A possible error in choosing...
  3. cmzaha

    2 Single Oil Soap Updates

    At the end of last December I made two dual lye full vinegar soap single oils soaps. First was 100% Avocado and the second was 100% Canola HO. The 3 month update puts the Canola soap ahead of the Avocado for lather. The Avocado soap is still very gelatinous like a 100% OO soap at 3 months. If...
  4. Teapot

    Planning a rebatch. Should I add anything?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here but have been reading these boards for a couple of months now and have already learned a lot from you folks :) My first batch of CP soap was made 16th Jan, so about six weeks ago. It was the following recipe: 6oz canola oil (42.86%) 4oz coconut oil (28.57%) 4oz...
  5. reneelouise

    HELP! Any one have a recipe using these oils?

    Hi all! I'm looking for a tried and true recipe for a soap using the better priced oil that I have access to here in Australia. Does any one have a recipe using olive, canola, rice bran, sunflower and/or coconut oils? I'm trying to keep my percentage of coconut oil low due to the ridiculous...