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    How much fragrance is 5%?

    I am using a fragrance from NG that recommends using no more than 5%. I don't know if that is 5% of my oils or 5% of the total soap that is produced. And how would I figure that?
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    Soap Calculators & Super Fatting

    I always use SoapCalc. I have never tried any of the other calculators, because I imagined that they are really all about the same. Since I have used SoapCalc for so long, I have a good idea of how their figures translate into a soap's characteristics. I have a good, basic recipe I pretty...
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    Calculating the Ingredients in Finished Soap

    I've tried a variety of searches but can't find the answer to this question. If someone can point me in the right direction I would very much appreciate it. Is there a calculator that anyone knows about that will show you your final soap composition after the ingredients have been saponified...