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  1. SpaceCorgi94

    Is it worthwhile to reduce beer over the stove to a fraction of its starting volume to enhance the beery qualities of the final soap?

    I'm doing a 5% superfatted soap with some beer in leu of water. My recipe calls for 109g of water to the lye, and I've heard great things from using beer (soap qualities, fragrance, colour, etc) All the recipes I've seen have talked about just boiling the alcohol out which is cool, but I know...
  2. G

    Beer Soap?

    I’m going to make a beer soap next weekend, setting out a medium colored beer, probably an IPA or Pale Ale, on wednesday to begin conditioning. Questions abound. A lot of the recipes I see call for oils I don’t use (avocado) or colorants so sparkly and “pretty” they just seem out of place in...
  3. Anstarx

    Ginger Lemon Beer Soap

    I made this batch just over the weekend and cut them today. My original plan was to make a lemon-yellow base with a very white top and poppy seed on top. However, I was't able to achieve the lemon yellow I wanted. For the base, I used a gold mica that turned out to be too warm. I have a bunch...
  4. S

    Adding Beer AFTER cook for HP Beer soap?

    Hello! I heard from a few soapers that when making HP beer soap they add it after the cook for much better results in regarding to fluidity. Anyone have experience with that? Wondering if it would be as straightforward as reducing the water in the lye solution the exact amount of the beer you're...
  5. Fiona Robertson

    Soy Wax and Beer?

    Has anyone added beer to their soy wax soap? I would like to try this but I'm a bit worried that soaping at warmer temperatures because of the soy wax will result in a lava eruption. Is it safe to CPOP?
  6. kelly2019

    Beer and wine soap

    Hello everyone! I've made a few batches of HP beer soap, which I have included 5% castor oil in. I saw somewhere that a soapmaker left off the castor oil when using beer, because it makes great lather on its own. I'm getting ready to make more beer soap...and also wine soap, which I assume would...
  7. M

    Beer Can Candle

    I have never made any candles before but I am thinking about making some candles out of the many empty craft beer cans I have. One thought is, I did not want to waste a lot of wax filling up a whole 16oz can. Is there something I can fill the can with 1/2 way, then fill the rest with wax...
  8. KimT2au

    Cut my first batch of Guinness soap

    I cut my first batch of Guinness soap today. The soap cut well but I was having trouble with the bars crumbling and breaking at the bottom of the bar. It is amazing what you find at SMF when you use the search button. If found two possible solutions to this problem :D I have not beveled...
  9. KimT2au

    Finally, my first batch of beer soap. Yes, I really got it made this time.

    After my previous disastrous attempt to make beer soap where hubby threw out the beer I had had simmering, I finally got some beer soap made, even if my stick blender did short out on my half way through. Phew. The soap sat in the mould for about 28 hours before I cut it and the ends of the bar...
  10. KimT2au

    How to make beer soap - or not.

    How to Make Beer Soap. Step 1 - We don't drink beer so get husband to buy beer...Check Step 2 - Pour beer into bowl and leave on counter overnight to lose carbonation...Check Step 3 - Place beer in saucepan and simmer for 20 minutes to remove as much of the alcohol as possible...Check Step 4...
  11. KimT2au

    Beer concentrate to make beer soap.

    Hi all I went to our local brewing suppliers today to see if there was anything I could add to beer soap that might enhance the aroma of beer that is left after saponification and curing. The short answer is probably not, although I did purchase a tea bag sort of thing of the hops that...
  12. BattleGnome

    Beer Soap

    I'm jumping into making my first beer soap. I plan on using my usual soap recipe and upping the sf a bit. My question is about the beer prep. I plan on using Dragon's Milk, a stout from New Holland Brewing Co, and my husband keeps critiquing my explinations of getting the beer to go flat. I...
  13. MatthewDM

    Best type of beer for soap

    What is the best type of beer to use in soap?