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  1. DianaMoon

    Replacing Palm Oil

    I do realize that this is a subject which has been nearly done to death, but I have a specific question that hasn't been addressed, so here goes. I'm using Soap Calc as my reference. I keyed in 100% palm oil, and got this. (cut & pasted bcos I can't insert images) Lauric 0 Myristic 1...
  2. lyschelw

    25% off new butters and oils. Candle Cocoon.

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  3. T

    CP New Recipe - Am I missing anything?

    Hi Folks, still new to soaping, but put something together on Bramblberry calculator I think I would like and wanted to run it by all you fine experts to get your input, make sure I'm not missing anything, and ensure this will end up how I want it to. I will be doing cold process soap bar, 5%...
  4. cmzaha

    2 Single Oil Soap Updates

    At the end of last December I made two dual lye full vinegar soap single oils soaps. First was 100% Avocado and the second was 100% Canola HO. The 3 month update puts the Canola soap ahead of the Avocado for lather. The Avocado soap is still very gelatinous like a 100% OO soap at 3 months. If...
  5. B

    HP Avocado Soap

    Hello one and all. I'm wanting to make hp avocado soap but I'm not sure when the best time to add the avocado is. I would like to add it after the cook. Thanks for all the help, Bernie :)
  6. L

    Sweating lye - OK or trash?

    Hi all! I haven't been soaping since December for a number of reasons, and finally got back into it a few weeks ago. Boy had I become rusty (or should I say "Boy, did I ever develop a ton of DOS!!" (waits for laughter, hears nothing but crickets and the occasional cough). :eh: Anyway, I...
  7. Bex1982

    Why don't fresh fruit etc. rot in CP soap

    I'd like to add avocado to one of my soaps but since it's so mushy and prone to rot in "real" life I can't wrap my brain around why it wouldn't go bad in CP soap.
  8. H

    unsaponifiables in oils

    I read that oils like olive and avocado have a high percentage of unsaponifiable matter which makes them highly moisturising in soap. Does anyone have info on percentage of unsaponifiable matter in these or other oils (palm, coconut, castor, tallow etc)?