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Sep 9, 2019
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Minneapolis, MN
Hi Folks, still new to soaping, but put something together on Bramblberry calculator I think I would like and wanted to run it by all you fine experts to get your input, make sure I'm not missing anything, and ensure this will end up how I want it to. I will be doing cold process soap bar, 5% superfat:

Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) 4.15 oz
Percentage of liquid 9.29 oz
Total 13.44 oz

Olive Oil - Pure 10.85 oz 35.00%
Palm Oil 4.65 oz 15.00%
Coconut Oil 3.10 oz 10.00%
Avocado Oil 3.10 oz 10.00%
Natural Hemp Seed Oil 3.10 oz 10.00%
Castor Oil 1.55 oz 5.00%
Shea Butter 3.10 oz 10.00%
Cocoa Butter Pastilles 1.55 oz 5.00%
Total 31.00 oz

Lye & Liquid 13.44 oz
Oils & Fats 31.00 oz

Undecided on fragrance for now

Any feedback would be most appreciated. I'm looking for a gentle, moisturizing bar with decent suds/bubbles, and decent hardness for longevity. Thanks!
I would probably up the CO to 15% and take from the OO. Add in sugar to help with lather. I find Sorbitol helps with lather substantially but guessing you do not have any. Hemp seed oil can create dos so I would add in an antioxidant such as ROE and add in some Tetrasodium EDTA. You may not have such so I would nix the Hemp Oil. It really does not affect how the soap will feel. You can up the AVO for the 3.1 oz or the palm. If you up the palm your batter will trace faster. Cutting Castor to 3% in a quick trace batter will slow down trace. Hope this is not to much information
The hemp would be better in a cream or balm I think. If you do decide to nix it I'd add that 10% to the avocado oil coz I like it lol

I also however don't like more than 30% olive oil and use less most of the time. If you decide to lower that I'd take out 5-10% and increase my coconut and/or cocoa butter, but that's mainly coz I don't have palm and use butters for hardening. I found out that for me, higher olive oil needs longer to cure before its not drying for me.

But basically, it'll be up to you in the end lol soaping really is about experimenting coz what works for us might not for you.
I would up the palm, lower the olive to 20-25% and increase the CO to 15%. But you can certainly try your recipe to see how you like it. There's really no wrong way. Hemp does have a shorter shelf life and can be more prone to causing DOS. I too like avocado in my soaps.

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