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  1. J

    Egg White vs Aloe Vera Gel

    From what I can tell, egg white and Aloe Vera gel offer essentially the same benefits to soap -- primarily, lather support. Did I miss something? Is there a significant different in the performance of the finish soap? If you were given two bars of soap and told that one contained egg white and...
  2. Monique Serio Enete

    My aloe juice has citric acid in it oops

    There’s a reason I don’t try to soap on weekends when husband’s home and we are in and out. Sigh. I thought I would be “smart” and make a 50/50 master batch lye solution using aloe Vera juice to use tonight. As I was putting the aloe juice in the fridge I saw the ingredients were aloe juice...
  3. Nikko

    Butters/Exotics/Additives in CP soap - what works vs what doesn't?

    Hello All, My question pertains to what exotic oils/butters or additives may be added to CP soap to give the 'average user' (as I know it's very hard to generalise otherwise) an actual tangible and real improvement in the quality of the end soap produced. ***Full disclosure, I'm very new to...
  4. soapysandie

    Aloe Vera

    What is the best way to add Aloe Vera to cold processed soap please ?