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  1. ZandarKoad

    Yellow Soap (Gold)

    This is what I've purchased (5x lemon and litsea). I'm wondering how much I should use of each... Maybe 0.75 onces / lb base oils of the lemon and 0.5 oz / lb of the litsea?
  2. ZandarKoad

    Soap Abrasives

    Wouldn't the coffee grounds smell strong themselves?
  3. ZandarKoad

    Soap Abrasives

    Does anyone know of any type of an abrasive which could be added to CP soap to help with deep penetration? I'm trying to make a soap for mechanics that would work well removing built up, heavy grease. I'm thinking maybe painters sand (the kind they use to add texture to wall paints)? I...
  4. ZandarKoad

    After 9yrs of soaping...

    Do you have a link to that floating bar soap tutorial?
  5. ZandarKoad

    Yellow Soap (Gold)

    We're making a super batch of a yellow CP soap. It's supposed to be gold, but since you can't add a shine to the soap, I think true gold will just look too much like BROWN. So I'm going with a true yellow, by using this: Having...
  6. ZandarKoad

    Printer for labels

    That depends more on the substrate than the ink itself. I've printed on printable fabric and printable iron on vinyl, both of which are machine washable. Can't get much more waterproof than that. I imagine they make printable waterproof stickers, but I don't know where.
  7. ZandarKoad

    Five Gallon Mixer for CP

    I imagine the paint could chip off, but only if the underlying metal has oxidized to the point where the paint is loose. A simple visual inspection before each use should reveal any problems. I've used it in four uber batches so far with no issues.
  8. ZandarKoad

    Charcoal Soap Effects

    Nope, no fragrances. I think you'd have a very hard time with fragrances in a charcoal soap, as it tends to absorb smells. She doesn't have any more skin problems, so we both think it was the food poisoning. Another family who's been battling warts took some of the soap, so I really hope it...
  9. ZandarKoad

    Soap Stamping Pictures

    We used twice so far with great results. Make sure you pay the extra money for a "laser cut" rubber stamp for a sharper image. Just stamp them when cutting. For us, it's a ~48 hour wait after pouring (trace). Get a tiny saucer of oil (we use olive oil) and dip your...
  10. ZandarKoad

    Soap Nunchucks

    They are finished. Still need to dry for 4+ weeks, but I was able to pose with them. We made two. They kinda look like candles though. :frown: I like them because they are a type of "soap-on-a-rope" and can be hung up in the shower. No need to worry about them getting slimy...
  11. ZandarKoad

    Cardboard Soap Molds

    Well my brother in law heard that I was making "Ninja Soap" (black soap), and I was talking about different, fun ways we could market it. He was the one that came up with the idea for Nunchucks. So I just had to make them. It was very hard getting the nylon rope to remain straight inside the...
  12. ZandarKoad

    Soap Stamping Pictures

    Here's some shots of our soaps with our custom made stamps we ordered online. The stamps were really cheap, like $15 or less per stamp. I think they turned out great. We did the design ourselves. The "homemade with love" stamp was $1 at a craft store. All the soap will be used for fund...
  13. ZandarKoad

    Cardboard Soap Molds

    Cardboard Soap Pics Alright, here they are. I can only do four pictures, so just check my other posts for more shots of the end result.
  14. ZandarKoad

    Cardboard Soap Molds

    Nonono, it's was more like 24 lbs of soap, and only a small fraction of that batch was poured into the tubes. Sorry for the confusion. There were four, one inch diameter tubes that were each 13 inches long. It was messy pouring it all into the tubes, because I was too lazy to get a proper...
  15. ZandarKoad

    Cardboard Soap Molds

    I have a lot to say, and many pictures to share, but I'm on a cell now. The cardboard was single walled, not corrugated. The wax paper did nothing, and both tubes were completely soaked with oil/soap. But it didn't seem to harm the end product in any way. Next time I'll build the tubes with...