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    Do the properties of Nettle Powder make it thru Saponification?

    Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I used to make Nettle Soap for Eczema and Psoriasis using a melt and pour base but have this year switched to cp base and I am wondering wither the properties of the powder carry thru the saponification process? If you have any experience...
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    How do you colour liquid soap base?

    Hi! I was wondering what colourants are best for colouring liquid soap. I am not making the liquid soap (yet!) but buying from a supplier and adding colour and frgrance. I have used water based soap colourants in the past and found they didnt look so great as they left a ring of darker...
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    What are the benefits of Argan Oil in CP Soap

    Thanks so much everyone! Exactly as I thought, not enough benefits to balance the cost. I will recommend something like shea butter if he is looking for label appeal but its OMH soap so i think there is enough label appeal already but at least it gives me something to go back to him with...
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    What are the benefits of Argan Oil in CP Soap

    Hi there, I have been asked by a potential stockist if I could make a soap with Argan Oil. He says my soap is moisturising but he wants it to be even more moisturising with the addition of argan oil. I think he just wants to be able to use it as a buzz word to increase sales. I was...
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    Small Soaps Keep Volcanoing! Please Help!

    Thanks for all your responses guys! Its so nice of you all to try and help. :) I am not using any additives, just my oils, water and fo or eos. The fos and eos I am using behave fine in my larger molds, there are no changes to the recipe for larger to smaller molds. I will post pics...
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    Small Soaps Keep Volcanoing! Please Help!

    Recipe is just basic 33/33/34 olive/coconut/palm. Freezer is a good idea but I would only be able to fit 8 at a time so not really feasable if I had an order of 80 favours.
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    Small Soaps Keep Volcanoing! Please Help!

    Hi! I am trying to make love heart wedding favour soaps using heart molds which are about 6cmx6cm but i find that my soaps either volcano and/or get soda ash (even on the sides which are touching the silicone mold). I assume it is volcanoing because a lot of heat is being created in a...
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    Do I just replace water with beer for beer soap?

    Excellent! Thanks for the advise! I do that for my Goats milk soap. :)
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    Do I just replace water with beer for beer soap?

    Hi! I am looking to make some Guiness soap and just want to check that I can just replace some of my water, ml by ml for beer? I know to let the beer go flat and I will be soaping at room temp and adding lye slowly. I just want to check if I need to make adjustments to my water and lye...
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    Liquid Glucose or Agave Nectar for Sweetening Lipbalms?

    Hi! Im looking for a liquid sweetner to use in my lipbalms but the only ones I have came across are liquid glucose or agave nectar. Are either of these suitable or are there other alternatives in the uk which can be used? Also, how much would you use? Thanks
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    Soda Ash on surface of soap touching soap mold?

    Hi! Ive dealt with soda ash on top of my soaps before but I have started making heart soaps in a silicone mold and when i pop them a few days later there is soda ash along the sides and on the bottom. How is this possible/ And preventable more importantly?! Thanks
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    Can you use fizzy pop in cp soap?

    Hi! I want to make soap which smells like my favourite fizzy drink. Is it possible to use fizzy juice in cp? I know it would be need to be flat and that the sugar would increase the temp (could i use sugar free?!) but would the fragrance come thru and would it change the texture of the soap...
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    Troubleshooting - Bubbles around Soap Imbeds

    Hi! I have made small shapes with mp which I am embedding in clear mp but when I do this I am getting tiny clear bubbles around the embed and it doesnt look good. Any ideas how to get rid of them? Should I be spraying my soap embed with rubbing alc Thanks Ashley
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    Help! Lye Misbehaving Badly!

    Thanks guys! I have tried different containers and have had the problem occur in both. Think what I will do is use the same containers and spoons all the time and just rinse them instead of using a sponge I have used on soapy dishes. Cheers!
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    Help! Lye Misbehaving Badly!

    Hi! I have had this problem a few times now. I mix my water and lye and let it reach room temp but sometimes some of it seems to have solidified at the bottom of my jug??? It creates an opaque white solid layer which you can smash but it doesnt disolve. I dont use any washing up liquid...