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  1. Rusti

    SoapCalc down?

    All right thanks! I went searching for one and missed it entirely.
  2. Rusti

    SoapCalc down?

    I mean, there's plenty of ways around it, including the new calculator being worked on linked in the announcements banner, but does anybody have a clue as to what's going on with Soapcalc? It's been down for days (weeks?).
  3. Rusti

    WSP Fruit Loops

    Now I KNOW it's not the same fragrance. I found my partial bottle from last year (probably less than half an ounce left in it) and it is TOTALLY different. I guess this loaf of soap will just be a mystery rainbow. I am hoping I can get WSP to send me the 4oz of Fruit Loops that I ordered and...
  4. Rusti

    WSP Fruit Loops

    Has anyone ordered it recently? I sent them a message this morning but I thought I'd ask you guys. I think either they reformulated or I got a big mix-up with the correct label. The FO I used in my loaf of soap last night does NOT smell like the Fruit Loops oil I used around this time last year...
  5. Rusti

    I am standing up and admitting ...

    I'm considering that one too, but I really ought not. At least not this time around. For one thing I don't have the space for it and for another I need to cool my spending jets for the month!
  6. Rusti

    Rustic Escentuals "Autumn Rain"

    Do one of the other online stores carry a comparable scent to RE's Autumn Rain? It's the only one I'd be reordering from RA/AH, and I'm not interested in paying $20 for shipping for just one scent. I go regularly to WSP and BB, but could also make a bigger order from FragranceBuddy.
  7. Rusti

    Liability Insurance

    I went ahead and bought's coverage. It was comparable to the liability only policy my own insurance guy quoted me and it was $100 a year cheaper.
  8. Rusti

    Where can I smell fragrance oils and essential oils before buying them?

    Wholesale Supplies Plus has a warehouse/store you can shop in, but I believe it's in Ohio. Way more than 200 miles for you.
  9. Rusti

    Liability Insurance

    I'm on the cusp of purchasing liability insurance before my first comic con/show in a couple of weeks and just received a quote from my own insurance agent, that appears to be almost exactly the same thing (there are just one or two variations I can spot) in coverage limits between his quote and...
  10. Rusti

    Craft weekend - whatchya doing?

    I'll have glitter cups on the turner for resin and I think I'll make one more batch of soap for my cons coming up at the end of April, they should be acceptable by then.
  11. Rusti

    Post your Gripe

    Have my firstest ever cavity at 37 years old and have to get it filled Monday. Also heavy, heavy hinting from the hygienist and doc that my wisdom teeth need to GO (and I have one totally laid out on its side, of course. The other three are properly up and down). General anesthesia is my boggart...
  12. Rusti

    Lye Problem with Milk Soap

    I use the ice method when I replace my water with milk and it makes the end temp of the lye solution about 70 degrees or so. Room temp. I mix it into oils that are in the neighborhood of 90-100 degrees with no issues at all.
  13. Rusti

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Made a batch of soap with peach FO. For the first time ever my Kitchenaid stick blender got hot. I love the way the Georgia Peach FO from WSP smells, but good heavens does it cause some separation requiring marathon use of a stick blender. My arm is sore.
  14. Rusti

    Glitter cups

    I use Mod Podge for my glue. For the Ahsoka cup I drew the patterns on first, then painted in the blue stripes with the glue, and glittered them, then the white then the orange, put on a layer of resin, then the decal, then the final layer of resin. @SunRiseArts - I do use craft glitter, but you...
  15. Rusti

    Something wrong with my recipe? SEIZE!!

    They're the only ones that I know of that sell all the Crafter's Choice oils and this one does show up on their site. The first few reviews of usage in cold process soap quote seizing.