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  1. pacmarrin

    How Long Does Bulk Coconut Oil Last?

    Dear Soap Friends, I bought a drum of coconut oil in October 2015. The price was right, of course, but I'm wondering how long it will still be good? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
  2. pacmarrin

    Homemade vs. Commercial Lye

    Dear Soap Friends, Is there any advantage to making my own lye? I know it is a bit more involved that just buying commercial food grade lye. Is it also true that homemade lye will result in a softer soap? Any comments are welcome. Thank you!
  3. pacmarrin

    Freezer Wrap Question

    Dear Soap Friends, So I have this big ol' roll of freezer wrap. When I line the mold should I have the paper side in (touching the soap) or the coated side in? Thank you!
  4. pacmarrin

    Lye Flecks

    Dear Soap Friends, I notice that when I dissolve lye into distilled water that sometimes (not always) there are some "flecks" that don't seem to dissolve. It doesn't seem to harm anything but I'm wondering what it is and if there is something I should do differently. As always, thanks!
  5. pacmarrin

    Gallon Jug (Palm & Coconut) -- How to Prepare?

    Greetings Soap Friends, I purchased some gallon jugs of coconut oil and palm oil. They are solid. What is the best way to get them into liquid form for CP soap making? Microwave? Immerse in hot water? Something else? Thank you!
  6. pacmarrin

    A little slimy & lacking in lather

    Dear Soap Friends, My five-pound basic soap recipe is a *little* slimy in my opinion and lacks enough lather. These are small problems but I always want to improve. Any suggestions? Thank you! Here is the recipe: Castor -- 5 oz Coconut -- 23 oz Olive -- 17 oz Palm -- 10 oz Distilled...
  7. pacmarrin

    Forced Gel in Oven -- Mold Lid On or Off?

    Hi. Should I put a lid on my mold if putting it in the over to force gel? Not sure if it is better to leave it on or off. Thank you very much!
  8. pacmarrin

    Inconsistent Color

    Dear Soap Friends, After curing a couple of months my soap still does not have a consistent color (see picture). It's not a huge difference, kind of between white, cream, and maybe tan. It's a basic recipe with olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and castor oil (and distilled water). Is this...
  9. pacmarrin

    Creamy/Lather/Hard Bar recipes?

    Dear Soap Friends, Does anyone have a basic recipe they might share that will result in a nice hard bar with good lather and creaminess? Thank you in advance!
  10. pacmarrin

    Mottled Color -- Why Not Consistent?

    Dear Soap Friends, Here is a picture of a bar of soap after it cured for about a month. As you can see there is kind of an uneven consistency in terms of color, mottled. Is there something I could do to get a "smoother" look? Here is the recipe. Thanks! Dave Avocado Oil 4 oz Castor Oil 2 oz...
  11. pacmarrin

    Soap won't harden!

    Dear Friends, I made the batch with the recipe below and after 3 days now it still isn't hard enough to take out of the mold. The only thing I did differently this time was add a little more distilled water based on the higher percent of sodium lactate, per recommendation. Any ideas or...
  12. pacmarrin

    What Went Wrong? Tongue Zap

    I just made a 5-lb CP batch: Olive Oil (20 oz), Coconut Oil (25 oz), Avocado Oil (8 oz), Castor Oil (5 oz.), Distilled water (18 oz.), 8.1 oz lye (5% superfat), and at the end, just before pouring it in the mold added 4 tablespoons of honey and a splash of anise essential oil. Anyway, the only...
  13. pacmarrin

    pH Test -- When to do it?

    Hi, When should I test my soap's pH level? Right after I make it or when it is cured? Or maybe it doesn't matter? Thank you very much!
  14. pacmarrin

    Hardening Soap

    Thank you! Thanks, all, for the helpful replies. Much appreciated and an early Happy New Year to each of you!
  15. pacmarrin

    Hardening Soap

    I am new to this great hobby and am wondering if there is a preference between stearic acid and sodium lactate to make soap a bit harder? Thanks!