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    Just stopped in to say hello

    Its been awhile, Thought I would stop by to say hello, I've missed you guys!
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    Beauty in blue

    thanks Chay for the welcome back!
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    My First Goats Milk

    mandolyn, Im interested to know how you molded the soap.. BTW it really looks fantastic.
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    Pyrography (aka Wood Burning)

    Those are really nice.
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    Thoughts on a new wooden mold

    MagiaDellaLuna, Very Nive molds!
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    Beauty in blue

    Image captured just before the afternoon snow today. What A Beauty. I Havent been here for awhile. been working hard all summer. Time to slow down and make some soap. Hello Paul.
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    My Latest Cream Soap Batch

    Is it the lighting or does it have a pearlescent effect?
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    Soaps I made 2 nights ago

    zaja; Truely Artistic! You are blessed with a wonderful skill.
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    Newbie Soap Pics

    CiCi; Your soaps are Beautiful. I especially like the last Photo how the light sparkles on the swirls. The color of the Hippie daze is a very nice effect. I prefer 1oz. pp of Fragrance because of out gassing over time. Super Job on the color!
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    Soaps I recently made!!

    Paula; Your soap is wonderfully beautiful "Bonito Jabon" "Buena Vista" I have a desire for Orange Soap and you have created a masterpiece.
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    The photo thread!!

    Very nice photos GalleryGirl. I like the lotus and the hibiscus. That bettle is a June bug (Cotinus nitida) When we were small we would tie a string to ones leg and let it fly around like it was our pet. I'm waiting for the colors of summer to return, It wont be long now.
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    Why does my soap give that "squeeky clean" feeling

    there is really nothing wrong with a "squeeky clean" soap if you design it that way. I prefer it when I really work hard, it does the job better than a moisturizing soap.
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    Dragonfly the CP soaper????

    Hmmmm spoiled Goat's milk and dead mud... doesnt sound like getting clean.. Just joking.. It sounds really cool cant wait to see it
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    All those sound really good. I may have to order the Jasmine Vanilla, it really sound good.
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    The photo thread!!

    WOW.. those are so very cool. I love the ice arm and the snow ghost. Thanks for sharing.