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    • JackieB
      JackieB reacted to AliOop's post in the thread New person with Like Like.
      Donating them to a homeless shelter is a great way to benefit others while clearing out your soap racks. :)
    • JackieB
      Regarding the cocoa butter - I melted down the huge chunk and poured it into small individual soap molds. Much easier to handle.
    • JackieB
      JackieB reacted to cmzaha's post in the thread Help with Mica with Like Like.
      I separate my batter and add my micas straight into my batter until I get the color I want. For dyes and pigments, I premix them in deli...
    • JackieB
      JackieB reacted to TheGecko's post in the thread Donating Soap with Like Like.
      I recently got into a discussion with some other soap makers after one recommended pulling 'clearance' items before Christmas so they...
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