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    How to get bright vibrant bath bombs

    If you want vibrant bombs, I would go for lakes or dyes instead of neons especially if you intend to sell them. You don't need batch certified lakes/dyes if they're just for personal use/gifting but all neons I've seen are for soap only not cosmetic use.
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    A few of my latest

    I haven't made much soap lately because I have a huge stockpile that I need to unload. The spearmint-eucalyptus batch was a special order so more than half of it is already spoken for. The calamine batch was an experiment in making my own calamine powder (using zinc + iron oxide) plus I just...
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    Pineapple Cilantro Coming

    Still interested but willing to cut down to 8oz if you come up short (you can ship mine & dixiedragon's together)
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    American oil help: Lush

    Fragrancebuddy also has Lush dupes and Calacas is one they carry
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    Peak Candle Closing

    Have you tried Fragrancebuddy's Wild Mountain Honey? It's pretty good and sticks like glue at .5oz PPO. It's my 2nd favorite honey FO after Elements B&B's L'Occitane Honey dupe. I'm also bummed about Peak closing . . . I really liked their Blackberry Tea FO.
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    Lotion with preservative has orange spots around the edges - bacteria apparently!

    You could try one of these test kits from Lotioncrafter and possibly figure out what your contaminant is
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    Fragrancebuddy 20% off

    FB is having a 4th of July sale. 20% off thru 7/5/17 at midnight with promo code 'PROMO4'.
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    Coffee infused oil

    You could try HP and save your coffee-infused oil for the superfat. That's probably the only way any scent will survive the lye monster.
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    face scrub recipes please?

    I highly recommend IrishLass' method for making liquid soap! Don't have to worry about neutralizing excess lye or cooking your paste to death. I do a 3% SF for mine.
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    face scrub recipes please?

    Just wanted to throw out a suggestion. Go back and study the ingredient list for the St Ives scrub. Notice the main ingredient is water and that's what is missing from the OP's recipe. I would omit the hard oils and add some water which should reduce the heavy, greasy feeling and also allow...
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    Pineapple Cilantro Coming

    Awesome! I love the pineapple cilantro bars you shared with me awhile back. Sign me up for 1lb and PM me with payment info once you know the total price.
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    Trying to find a soap mold like this...

    These are similar but not an exact copy of the Lush version Brambleberry has one too
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    So I received this certified letter in the mail yesterday...

    I'm not a lawyer and don't play one on TV. The only similarities I see between their packaging and yours is the font . . . along with your white circle in the upper right corner vs their black circle in the upper right corner. Is that seriously enough to meet the criteria for a trade dress...
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    Calling all Peeps. Please weigh in.

    How about 007? That makes me think of a dashing, sophisticated chick-magnet of a man. I'm with BG on thinking Sugar Daddy sounds a bit skeevy.
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    Emu Oil $34/lb.

    Earlene - ask your doc about Pennsaid . . . it's the same active ingredient as Voltaren but with DMSO so it penetrates better. Sorry for the thread hijack Zany.