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    Do honeybees ever nest in raised garden beds?

    They wouldn't be honey bees - they prefer to be several feet off of the ground. I hope you are safely able to get rid of them!
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    The Sage Recommendation

    Been ordering from MMS for years - Pixie Dust (though it's a mover), Lily of the Valley, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, essential oils, some packaging, lotion supplies. Free shipping over $200. My very first lotions were from their recipes :) I think they've trimmed their inventory quite a bit these...
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    Powdered herbals in syndet poo and conditioner bars?

    From NDA for guava powder - Recommended Usage: The maximum quantity of powdered fruit extract should not exceed 0.5% of the total product, while in tincture form the maximum amount of fruit extract must not exceed 5%. ^ Interesting - implies a 10:1 ratio of a liquid extract to a powder The...
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    Powdered herbals in syndet poo and conditioner bars?

    From a formulation point, they won't add liquid to the mixture, helping to keep the bars solid while still adding the benefits of a plant extract.
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    Powdered herbals in syndet poo and conditioner bars?

    Just read something interesting on a syndet bar FB group about adding extracts to poo/condi bars. I've been adding 1-3% of various extracts (chamomile, etc) and reducing liquid surfs but the bars are too soft. SCM suggested using powders which I tried at the same percentage but didn't like...
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    In trouble yet?

    Did the oils or soap smell rancid? Those spots just sound really odd - got any photos?
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    In trouble yet?

    I think for DOS to appear that quickly you would have had to have started with some pretty rancid oil - were your oils fresh?
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    Head on over to the liquid soap making group on FB for a very nice explanation of why you still need a preservative in liquid soap - eta - just because "the big guys" either don't use a preservative or they use one and label it as fragrance or they just don't list it in their ingredients, they...
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    Scent / Color Pairings

    I do something similar - try to match the colors to what I "see" in a scent. If I use EOs, then I use natural colorants. If I use FOs, then I use micas. Ocean Breeze is mostly blue with green and white. Perfect Storm is mostly blue with gray and white. Twilight Woods is swirled with purple...
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    Anyone watching Les Miserables on PBS?

    You can watch it on PBS - 6 part series :)
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    Impression Mat Soap

    Victorian Seaside It's very pretty!!!
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    Mud Soap

    That is beautiful!!!
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    Pre mixing colorants

    If I'm coloring the whole batch, I add the colorants to the oil and stick blend it in before adding the lye and other goodies. If I'm going to do a swirl, I put the colorant into it's container, add a few mls of the soaping oils and mix with one of those mini mixers. Then I add the lye to...
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    Anyone watching Les Miserables on PBS?

    It's not a musical! Much more realistic. I'm really liking it (though I still expect a song every once in a while LOL)
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    Non-Genetically Modified research resources

    Genetic mutation (modification, natural selection, breeding, etc) has been going on for many many years in nature - plants are an easy way to appreciate this with their many varieties, colors, and shapes. Naturally occurring plant variants are often called "sports" :). Just to add two more...