Wine soap experiment *update: pictures added*

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Dec 3, 2007
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So, I decided I wanted to make an authentic wine soap. I boiled off the alchohol earlier today and got everything ready.

Here is my recipe:
Lard 50%
Coconut 25%
Soybean 20%
Castor 5%

I do the heat transfer method so I don't have to wait for everything to heat up/cool down and get into the same general temps. I slowly mixed my lye with the wine and only once had a bit of fizzing. When I added the lye and wine together, as soon as it mixed it started to get thick. Once I got all the oils melted it continued to thicken. I also had big chunks of something floating around. Not sure what those where, they eventually decreased, but didn't totally disappear. I hope they mix in.

Once I got my fo in i had very little time to pour. as soon as I started pouring it got pretty gloppy and hard.

it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. it still smells nice, but i was hoping for a nice smooth, bar of wine colored soap.

any ideas out there on what i could have done better?
Ummmmm add pictures to this post...........

I've made soap from beer before and it made awesome soap, but I didn't worry about the alcohol at all, instead I kept it at room temp to flatten it a bit. Cause when you add lye it really fizzes up. But it has nothing to do with the alcohol in it. So you really wouldn't need to cook off the alcohol.

I didn't run your recipe through soap cal either for the numbers on your soap,

but picts.... where are the picts.....
Yea, where are the pics?

I'm getting ready to do a scent "Wineberry" this weekend. I'm using some Merlot in it. We'll see. :roll:

Here are pictures from my wine batch. The top is a little crumbly and the inside looks mottled. I'd love to have a wine batch have a nice smooth look like my other cp batches. Any ideas?



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