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Jan 12, 2016
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Ran into a lady who was working on candles for her daughters wedding. She does beautiful work. She found the perfect hot pink tealight candles at ikea and took them out of metal holder. Her plan was to stack the two tealights in a votive holder she has mirrored painted. , run hemp string through both and that she planned on coating the hemp string with wax. As little as I know about candles, I just didn't see this working.
I found #44-24-18, 2-2.5 inch zinc core Wicks in a 20mm wick tab/10mm neck height and 180 degree wax primer.
She said the wax is very soft (soy or soy blend possibly?)
Will the 20mm tab stay standing throughout the burn, or should the base be set in a higher temperature wax. If so I have lots of natural beeswax would that work. I hate to see these candles fail. Thanks for any help. The Wicks are from lonestar.
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