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May 6, 2015
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Bottom layer Vanilla Milk (Mad Oils), middle layer Cardamom True Sugar (WSP), top layer a few drops each clove and cinnamon leaf EO. Good scent combination. I added less than 1/8 tsp of ground cinnamon to the middle layer, and am glad I didn't add more!

Vanilla Chai 001.jpg

Vanilla Chai 002.jpg
These are great, dibbles! Is the color only from the FO and cinnamon or did you use something in addition?
The dark color in the bottom layer is just from the Vanilla Milk FO. It discolors to a beautiful dark brown. The cinnamon is the speckles in the middle layer and discoloration is from the Cardamom True Sugar (and probably a bit from the cinnamon as well - I mixed a very small amount of cinnamon with a bit of oil). I rechecked my notes, and I did not add any color other than a little white mica to the top and swirl portion (I used some hemp seed oil in this batch and wanted to be sure the top was a creamy color). I did see that I blended a bit of Velvet Peppercorn (Mad Oils) with the cardamom FO. Forgot about that earlier.

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