Using up some grapeseed oil - anyone have any recent experience with this?

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Aug 5, 2014
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I just got a gallon of grapeseed oil (GSO) and when I looked at the properties of the soap (at 100%), it is very similar to olive oil in both fatty acids and the properties as it has a conditioning value of 87 (vs 82 for olive oil) and 12/12 for hardness & creamy vs 17/17 for olive oil hardness/creamy

Olive oil
Iodine 41 - 70 85
INS 136 - 165 105

Iodine 41 - 70 131
INS 136 - 165 66

Iodine - Lower leads to harder bar, much above 70 could be "too soft"
INS - "160 is ideal" and leads to a harder bar
Looking at the iodine & INS look to lead to a soft bar

So overall, the GSO would make a nice, soft, conditioning soap but both aren't going to be very creamy (especially the GSO) as the minimum is suggested to be 16.

Now I have to say that I really like using a very conditioning oil/soap sometimes and I like the very slick/slimy texture that pure olive oil soaps give when they sit in water for a little bit. I'm considering a 50/50 mix of NaOH/KOH with the GSO but am worried about DOS (haven't had that in a LONG time and it only happened with canola oil and or if I used crisco as part of the ingredients.

I may compromise and use 50/50 olive oil & GSO. I've never had a problem with DOS with 100% olive oil (IDK if that is normal or if I've gotten lucky..?) Is there anything I can add to the soap to help preserve it and make sure the DOS doesn't happen, besides Vit E? Are there any other anti-oxidants that can be used, possibly even in essential oils?

If anyone has done any tests with pure GSO soaps, I'd be interested to see at what point they develop the orange spots - if they do at all. Also, how did it age? I've had some soaps that seem to get sticky and tacky over time (especially canola oil based soap) and I'm wondering if GSO might have the same issue.

If yo have any experience with GSO, I'd love tohear your input, especially if you found a working anti-oxidant or you didn't get any DOS w/o an additive.


I've used it at 20% but won't go higher than that. I use a lot of hard oils in my recipe so I didn't have problems with a soft soap.
Feb 5, 2019
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Washington State
One time, I decided to make 100% grape seed oil soap, because I had a pail of it when I was making lotions.

I measured, did not weigh my oil, and weighed the lye.

I realized my error, after it didn’t set up and rebatched it with an equal amount of 100% beef tallow soap. I added a neon yellow liquid color because color makes everything better....

Worse to bad, to reasonable.

I used the soap for dish washing in the sink.

I use GSO in all my soaps. The only one that has had dos was the 50/50, and the first soap I ever made ended up with dos ten years later, but it didn’t have GSO.