using plant pulp/mushed fruits in soap??

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Jan 10, 2008
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I was thinking about using some combination of these in my next batch of soap...for instance you can buy in the frozen foods section frozen blueberries...if I were to make a sort of smoothie out of this using my liquid portion from the recipe, or just adding some of the crushed pulps into trace...would this have any ill effect on the outcome of the soap (ie mold and nasties??)....would adding a preservative cure it if so?

Thanks!! Im looking to make my next batch tomorrow!! :)
I have taken some tofu and fruit and make a smoothie and added it at trace. It was nice but I am so in love with coconut milk and yogurt now. It did not feel the same as adding those items. I have never had any spoilage with any of my food soaps. I put alot, I mean a whole lot of food in my soap! :) should be fine doing it at trace or making the smoothie.....just make sure to mix your lye in a small amount of water and let it cool before adding the fruit or it might scorch....or freeze the fruit til slushy and add the lye to the frozen mixture slowly. Crushed pureed fruit and veggies can usually be added at about 1 tbsp ppo at trace.

I made tomato basil soap last night doing this.....I used pureed tomatoes for my liquid and added tomato paste and basil at trace. Turned out beautiful, although the lye solution was STINKY.

The really cool thing was when I added the lye....the solution hissed and then GROWLED at me. Turned out fine, so the lye monster must have scared the soap gremlins away. :lol:
I would just make sure that it was pureed well and good. I've read that the bigger the food chunks are, the greater the possibility there is of mold growing, but if the food is pureed fine like baby food, then all will be good.

I made my third batch of avocado puree/cucumber juice soap last night. Pureed avocado in soap is wonderful! :)


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