Tomato juice and lye quantity

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Mar 24, 2008
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Hi all,

I have followed various discussions on using juices instead of water when mixing in lye, with great interest! Now, I am interested in making a tomato juice batch. Here are my questions for those who have done this before:

1. Do I measure out the same amount of tomato juice as I would water, i.e. 0.38 * the weight of the fat?
2. When measuring lye, should I use the same amount as I would if the juice were water? I know that tomato juice has a pH lower than 7, so it's slightly acidic. Is there a need to overcompensate by adding more lye?

--Metal Substance
Hi -

Yes - calculate your batch as if you were using water and sub out the water portion with tomato juice if you want tomato at full strength. You could also do half tomato or half water etc depending on what you are trying to achieve.
Hi...this is something that helped me when thinking about the lye.

The lye you use is based on the oils you use, not the liquid.

The amount of lye you use doesn't change because of the liquids,

it just changes because of the oils. Hope that helps.