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Mar 20, 2007
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I'm torn. I'm getting ready for a fall craft show and I like the feel of beveled soap but the look of just straight cut soap. I want a consistent look for my soaps but not sure what route to go. What are your thoughts?

I bevel the bars I use my wire cutter or stainless steel straight blade cutter on, and leave alone the crinkle cut bars. All the bars you see to the left in my avatar are beveled.
If you like both, perhaps the one that isn't labor intensive is the way to go?

I know I used to spend days just trimming and buffing the bars and I'm not so sure it made a difference it the amount of sales I made. Now I just gently remove the crumbly bits.

You could try an experiment....have a few bars that have been bevelled at the fair and put them out with the ones that aren't. Ask your customers what their opinions are. It would be a great way to draw them into conversation and interact.
I have done it both ways, and can't decide myself which I like better.
i think its nicer in the shower to hold when beveled, experimented with both.

I like the rugged-rustica look though of the uncut bars though...

I feel like another benefit of the unbeveled bars is that you can use the soap how i reccommend to prolong the bar, by cutting pieces off of it instead of using the whole bar in the shower...

itll leave them(or you) more to hold on to when you use that method...which is good because you dont always want to be picking that stuff up from the shower floor!

I go through soap like crazy, glad i learned to make it ...and i love knowing whats in the stuff :)
Think about your target market, Ian. What do you think they would prefer? Or would they care.
I bevel mine, and always have, because I target the high-end older, more mature. The bar is easier for them to "roll" than a non-beveled one.
ETA: Or maybe just do it the way you like it.
I am still in the honeymoon phase of really liking the rustic look of just the cut bars.

I am tempted to get a beveler I tried out from Mission Peak Soap though!
i agree about using beveled bars...i think if it came down to it, im goin yo have beveled and non beveled bars..for them to choose.

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