The Only Way to Make Salt Bars

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Dec 16, 2012
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Used my Nurture Soap 12 pound slab mold with dividers for the first time to make salt bars ... clearly, the only way I'm going to make them from this point forward - what a great product!

ImageUploadedBySoap Making1454856757.574055.jpg
ImageUploadedBySoap Making1454856779.604981.jpg
LOL I just made white salt bars last night too. How big are those bars? They look lovely and chunky.
I made salt bars last night. too! I use Nuture's tall & skinny mold and love the size.

This is my usual recipe, but it didn't set up as fast. It was 5 hours before I could cut. These look a little rough, haven't cleaned them up yet.

Salt Bar.jpg
They are huge - each one weighing about 12.75 ounces! I would have personally proportioned the dividers to make smaller bars, but there is a certain 'cool' factor with them being the blocky-size they are. Plus, given the high solubility of salt bars, I won't have to replace them as frequently!

Very nice bars Judiraz!
Those are very nice looking salt bars! I really love salt bars, I use them a couple times a week on my face. I was looking at that mold last night, are you happy with it so far?
LisaAnne - I bought the mold and inserts shortly after Christmas specifically for salt bars and used it for the first time yesterday. I just got done making another, identical batch (90% CO, 10% castor, 50% salt, 2 grams tussah silk, SF 20%) so I've only used it twice so far. With that being said, I love it! It is a very high quality item that is superbly crafted, and I would expect it to last many, many years.

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