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Sep 26, 2008
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For years I have only made one recipe for our home soap. Even though I have it in my thoughts of possible selling down the road. I never ventured into special specific recipes seriously.

Hubby and I both have acne issues even in our 50s. But he has a special ability of being a Dirt Magnet seriously. He is a trucker too so on the road alot. Over the past few years I changed our soap to be more moisturizing and less cleansing which doesn't work for him all that well. Change came about because it was so cleansing that it was too drying on hands causing cracking. Figured that out by giving a bar to next door neighbor, they ended up with same issue on side of hand. That's when I changed recipe.

Now realize I run a small farm here and had inlaws living with me so wasn't really paying attention to soap issues. But that has change in many ways and my soap in now in front of my mind now. Since I don't buy my lard or tallow I can spend a little extra on my other oils. But I tend to KISS it. So 4 oils max 6 is it plus our FOs.

Now there is a wow should have done this sooner factor. I was watching a YouTube soap video on 4 mistakes. I was not guilty of the making too much soap. But the point was to specialize which I sorta have done with this Dirt formula. I am actually very happy with the numbers now as I got both high cleansing and good moisturizing in same bar using a newer oil in soaping for me grapeseed. I have used it for other things like massage oil but not in soap.

So inline with target market which we live in country and major farm community I now have 4 different specialized recipes. One for face, two good scrubby type soaps and one soap that can remove truck grease, oil and baked on food. No I am not planning on selling at this time. But this just goes to show how to Specialize yourself even at home. The big fault of most newer soap makers was point in video making too many types of recipes. I have had total opposite issue. Am I the only one with this over practicality issue?
Nope, I made the same HP soap recipe for years without ever trying something different, other than different EOs. It worked better for us than store-bought soap, and was simple to make. Finally I tried a CP recipe from Lovely Greens, and then a few others. As I kept exploring, then I found this forum. Game over. ;)

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