The best way to treat lye burns?

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Nov 16, 2007
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My sister was using my lye to clean out some pipes and I think some lye water accidently splashed on her. It isn't a huge burn or anything but it's still bad.

So any help will be greatly appreciated
You can call your local ER and ask them, or even poison controle. There is probably a phone number on the container as well.
dude haven't you seen fight club......vinager ahhahaahhaha lol

no but seriously ...don't do that lol
OOOhhhhhh- lye turns your skin to soap literally- I would go to the doc or er- it should heal fine for a small one..
My man has had a few caustic burns- he used to work for a soap company and would haul barrels of lye- don't ask me how he got burned if it was in barrels but he told me it turns your skin to soap- he also said they just healed on their own- he would just run it under cold water for 20 minutes or so..
I never though of it that way, lye + human flesh= soap. You are right.... uuuuurghhhhhhhh

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