Sweet Almond Oil as substitute for Olive Oil

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Oct 25, 2019
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I would like to teach my daughter how to make soap while we are on lockdown but I have no olive oil left. Does anyone regularly use Sweet Almond Oil at a higher % than the recommended 20%? I would need to use around 32% but am wondering how this would stand up to DOS in the long term?
Almond oil makes lovely soap. I use 30% regularly. That has nothing to do with maximum usage rates but more to do with cost - it is expensive.
I have not heard that almond oil is prone to DOS.
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Thanks, that's good to know. Here in UK Sweet Almond Oil is one of the cheaper oils:thumbs:
It has more linoleic than OO, which might be why there’s a link with DOS. I like linoleic at 12-15% in my recipes and am not seeing DOS but I’m also using EDTA or CA. If SAO wasn’t quite so expensive in the US, I would use more of it for the linoleic content. I use RBO instead, but it tends to darken my soap a bit.
I will definitely pick Sweet Almond oil over olive oil any day but you will get different advice and opinions based on what each soaper likes.

I have used SAO at 50% without any DOS and the soap was hard but then the balance of the recipe was Tallow, Shea and Coconut oil so your Mileage might vary based on the balance of your oils.
Thank You everyone, I am looking forward to making this now. Good point about the ROE, I think I have some somewhere. I've never bothered with citric acid or EDTA because my country (Scotland) is all soft water. Good to know that I can go high with this oil as its even cheaper than olive oil pomace!
I should have mentioned above that I also use ROE. I had a run of DOS in soaps I made last summer with various recipes, but all had OO. i must have had some bad oil because I haven’t seen it since, even in soaps made earlier without ROE or a chelator.