Sustainable red palm oil anyone?

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Dec 1, 2022
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Hi, my Ghanaian partner has sent me their red palm oil produced sustainably in small farms in Southern Ghana. I had if for a while not sure what to do with it. Then started making soap with it and it makes a beautiful orange coloured soap (I added orange essential oil to complete the experience ;-). Now the palm oil is expiring but I have quite many 1litre bottles remaining. Don't need all of them. I'm giving a promotion where everyone buying 5kg or more of out raw, unrefined shea butter will get a 1l bottle of palm oil as a free gift. If interested write to me at [email protected]. I'm in Toronto and I know many of you are in US but I've lately noticed to my surprise that shipping to US is many times cheaper than shipping within Canada. I'll calculate the cheapest shipping option for you.