Steric Acid in CP soap

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I've been wondering the same thing.... I have calculated stearic acid into soap calc and it does not show that it causes the soap to become harsh... I thought it caused harshness, I'm wondering if soapcalc is wrong, or if maybe it's just the mysteric acid that causes the harshness.

I haven't worked up the nerve to try it yet.... hopefully someone on here will have first hand experience to share!
I just made a batch this weekend using 3% stearic acid to make it a little firmer. It turned out just like any other batch but I have not used it yet since I only just made the batch.

I'm still finding my feed in CP soapmaking process and was interested by this thread.

Any further results with using it?

Going by one of the other replies 1tsp per # - does # mean pound or kg or what?

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