Spruce EO Blend for Aromatherapy?

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Dec 11, 2023
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Howdy everyone,

I am interested in creating a relatively simple trio for an aromatherapy/diffuser blend featuring spruce as a dominant note (maybe 30-50%).

What would be something to accompany something that is forest heavy? Perhaps Cypress & Chamomile? Maybe Vetiver o Melissa?
I’m not the biggest fan of Bath and Body Works, but they have a seasonal scent with eucalyptus and pine that is very nice, so spruce would probably also work. I don’t think I want my lotion to smell like that, but I would love it for a diffuser/candle type of product.
Pretty cool website! Thanks for the suggestions. It looks like there is a recurring theme of a citrus top in there, and I'm seeing menthol as well represented by either eucalyptus or mint varietals. I'm wondering if I could get away with Melissa as a top and maybe frankenincense? Not sure about the ratios, I may have to experiment.
I wonder if vetiver would give it another layer of soilish grassiness to back the spruce. I'd like to go something fresh and maybe even fizzly up top but I don't want to rely on an actual citrus, preferring to keep it all green, maybe petitgrain?