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Jan 29, 2014
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SF Bay Area, CA
So, my first soap of the year! (And first since July last year. @_@) I did the clyde slide, but in a pvc column mold. 45% OO, 20% HO sunflower, 20% CO, 10% shea butter, 5% castor, scented with NG's BRV. I colored it with TD (mixed into the green and pink), NS green, pink, and purple vibrance micas. The bowl pic is how I layered the colors in the bowl for the pour. The group shot of the just-cut bars is the bottom of each soap, with the top left the topmost bar, and the bottom right the last one. (They go in order top to bottom, left to right.)

Well, I guess the picture just didn't want to keep the rotation I did on it when it uploaded here. :/ In the vertical picture of the bars of soap, the top bar is actually the upper right, and the bottom-most is the lower left. This orientation they would go right to left, top to bottom.



CaraBou-- Thanks! :D

dibbles-- I love how the colors came out!

snappyllama-- I've done the clyde slide in a column once before, but the colors on that one were awful. lol This is so much better!
Out of curiosity, what are you using for your mold? I have a crafter's choice one that drives me insane. PVC are a pita. The best thing I've tried is a pringles can.
shunt & navigator-- Thanks!! :D

snappyllama-- I use a PVC pipe. I also have one from Crafter's Choice (probably the same one!) that I don't like (it doesn't make them perfectly round!). I like pringles cans too, but I find the diameter narrower than I'd prefer (and I don't want to eat that many Pringles...). PVC can have its moments, but I haven't had much to complain about with it.

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