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I got in quite a few from NG and WSP about 3 or 4 weeks ago and have used only a couple. One was the Pearberry I scented your shealoe with Tab. It's a keeper! :wink:

I'm not changing my soap line, but I am doing some adj. to my Tart line...

I'm adding:
Black Raspberry Vanilla (Peak) <AMAZING Dup!
Fruit Slices (Peak)
Botanical Orchard & Nectar (Peak)
Fresh Baked Bread (B&B)
Wild Cherry (Peak)

Getting rid of:
Apple Orchard (WSP)
Juicy Cherry (WSP)
Yes I am adding (so far):

Mangorita (ICS)
Cantaloupe Lily (ICS)
Chamomile & Musk Melon (MC)

Fresh Herbal Mint (my own blend)
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Jasmine Vanilla (my own blend)
Cool Water
Bay Rum
Vanilla Musk

Deciding on a few more this week - but those are my new ones and I made 3 of my other favorites. I had a craft fair so I made 10 batches in 3 evenings. My new record!