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Tab, that is just freightning, in a fantastic way! Great job! Man, those should fly off your store's shelves or at your etsy.com store!

Paul... :wink:
My Texas esty street team is hosting our trunk show at the etsy labs in Brooklyn tomorrow 6-8 PM EST, that is why I wanted to get the nasty oogly soaps made. After the show I will have breathing space again. Sorry I have been a bit out of pocket.

I have a second oogly soap in the freezer right now, will post soon.

A few more ooglies. I was impatient, poured too hot & melted my embeds-****! You think I can pretend like I intended that effect?
These are the ones I made last year. Much better huh? I will make a few dozen more & try to be more patient!
Those are just adorable..........and spooky! Im sure you will do wonderful with them! I just bought some spiders to attempt the same thing before I joined this forum! Now Ill have to get in there and try it soooooooooon!
God Bless,
They are bendable rubber toys for orientaltrading.com
You can get bendables for all holidays, rabbits, cats, dogs, monkeys, fairy tale peiple even Mary & Joseph.