SOS!!! First High Temp Hot Process Glycerin Soap

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Feb 13, 2023
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Hi everyone! I made my first high-temperature hot process glycerin soap today... and I made a really huge mistake 😭😭😭

My recipe:
142g coconut oil
40g olive oil
80g stearic acid (went a bit overboard by 4g)
210g propylene glycol
44g vegetable glycerin (but overpoured +21g)
42g NaOH
80g dH20
120g sorbitol (+8g -- sorry, i have shaky hands...)
126g coco betaine
and... 😭
42g triethanolamine!!! when i should have just used 24!

HELP! Is this headed for the bin? too much TEA is not good, right? is there any way to neutralize the excess TEA? Will appreciate all your comments ❤️ Thanks!

Here's a photo.... it's orange because i added orange mica, I also infused some orange peel in the oils and added a bit of lemongrass EO because my orange EO was all used up...


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I cut the glycerin loaf today and it was slightly soft, easy to cut unlike other melt and pour bases which are firmer. It isn't soft such that it'll bend when you lift it. It's as soft as a cold process soap loaf. Is it always like that when it's newly made? But my guess is that it is softer because of all the excesses in my recipe...

Anyway, here are photos I've taken after cutting from the loaf. I just cut to know how it feels like cutting it but I have no intention to use it because of the excess TEA.




Had I not added the orange mica, this would've been a clear transparent base... but it's still translucent and if I hadn't added too much TEA, I would have been able to use it and make glycerin embeds for later :(



Lesson learned... I will need to double check on my measurements since I tend to read numbers backwards. So, this first attempt at making a glycerin base from scratch will stay in this bag to remind me to double check on everything, especially the TEA or maybe just not include it? Do we really need to lower the pH of a glycerin base?