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Jul 13, 2008
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I figured I would post some of my soap pictures..
They are MP soaps...

Ok...forget it...I can't figure out how to add pics heres...
sorry to tease you.... :cry:
Been trying for awhile now...I give up... :idea:
nooo dont give up!! image shack, itll walk you through the process, nice and easy! :)
HI Ian... will have to walk me thru it....I am not computer dumb (I don't think) but I am having no luck.
I have image shack but I don't have zip files...just jpeg.....
Thanks for your help...
I won't try until later though...I am off to the market...,
download that:

I use the toolbar so its easy and right there when i need it.

After you click on the image shack thing on the toolbar, just click upload files, it will bring a window up in which you need to search for the particular file that you are trying to upload. After you find it , click on it and it will be transported on to image shacks servers. It gives you a sizing option before its transported should you want to resize the image.

Then you cut and past the information that the image shack produces, there will be a series of links, I use the one that says "for forums" cut and paste it to my post and voile!!
Thanks so much Ian....
Got it finally thanks to your help! :) They are small but I haven't quite figure out how to make them bigger and still be in forum format
but anyway.... is some of my soaps...they are MP and I deal huge with fake food candles and soap, the fish and frog in a bag soaps are good sellers.... (I will post some of my candles in another one)


Drizzed Donuts Soaps done in Creamy Goats Milk


Frog in a Bag Soap ---I also do fish in a bag ...


Strawberry Cheesecake Soap Slices done in Goats Milk Soap
Those doughnuts look yummy! I can't get the second pic to enlarge but those are just the cutest soapies, great job :D
Great pics!!! :)

To resize, there will be an option before you upload the photos that asks if you want to resize, and then to what resolution.. :)
oh, I love the donuts! I used to do a MP cinnamon roll! Going to try it with CP as soon as I get a better FO.

great job!
Thanks Ian and everyone...I will try to get a better size on the next pictures.....
There ya can see the pictures now!!
CCk...I can't wait to see your cinnamon roll soaps! Hurry and get them done!
divaxtrema said:
There ya can see the pictures now!!
CCk...I can't wait to see your cinnamon roll soaps! Hurry and get them done!

Im so hooked on CP, I dont think I am going back to MP. BUT I am going to attempt them CP. lol. we'll see what I come up with. lol
The cheesecake soaps actually made me hungry, LOL. I love all your soaps - very creative!
AWESOME!!! (and delicious.......) Very, very creative. I'll bet you get a lot of "they're too cute to USE, though!

I actually don't get alot of "too cute to use" on the soaps. I let people know that the kids really enjoy washing their hands when it's encourages good hygene. But I go get ALOT of "too cute to use" on my candles....

The "water part" in the Frog in a Bag is glycerine soap.