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Well Its Saturday, I should have done this yesterday...

What is in your soap pot this weekend?

Well.. if I can get brave enough to make soap due to the power acting up because of the storm :roll:

I have an estimated amount of 600 sample bars I have to make.. Lucky me huh.. and to wrap them! :?

I have fo's in there to stock restocking, but something called.. "dont feel like it" is holding me back lol
I am playing with my TOG mold again today. The soap is going to be a coffee ground and oatmeal bar, I want it to be scrubby for my "man soap" line. Have pics but I want to finish it then I will post them here. Remelting some other soaps to put in the ying yang mold. Will post pics of those too!!!
I *may* whip up some flavored massage oils for VDay.

Right now I am trying to de-Christmas the shop which is no small task.
Working on sample bars today...Also ordering the 6/12 TOG mold everyone raves about...

Also trying to figure out how, in my soap recipe, to drop my cleansing number to under 23 with out dropping my INS to under 147...
i need to get my butt into gear and make some soap up yet today.

I want to get a batch of coffe soap made up. (I brewed the coffee just need to make the soap now.)

And i'd like to also make up some oatmeal, goats milk and honey soap done as well.

Plus I want to make up a batch of heavy cream soap with a scent of something for kids. Maybe bubble gum, or cherry or something girly like cinderella.....

And if i have time i'd like to whip up a batch of cucumber scented soap for a good friend of mine.

Ok kids here you go, my soaps for the weekend:

just poured in the mold

Starting to cut the bars(Yes it is MP soap!!!)

I love my new background, thanks to the scrapbook store

Here is my ying yang soap
Pink Sugar (posted pics), and salt bars. I am teaching my husband how to make soap. He loves the salt bars best so that is what he learning how to make. As a matter of fact it was my not making them enough (according to him) that was the catalyst to him learning how to do it himself. I'm not sure how much attention I will get him to pay but I'm making a point, darn it all. :roll: Right now we are trying to decide on a scent. I think I have already lost his interest. lol
So far I have made:
5lbs of Patchouli & Honey
4lbs of Pink Sugar
4lbs of Tuscan Lace
4lbs of Red Clover Tea

Today I will be making
5lbs of Cranberry
4lbs of Ginger Lime
4lbs of Cranberry Fig
2lbs of Brown Sugar & Fig
2lbs of Pearberry

Samples to soap, to get rid of them
1lb of Got Milk
1lb of Frank & Vanilla
1lb of Covered Bridges
1lb of White Magnolia

I am going to put a recipe together for a Shampoo Bar with infused Rosemary oil, and I want to put egg in it some kind of way...
I just made some whipped soap shavings soap. Thanks to Becky for the idea. It worked beautifully! I took about 1 cup of mixed bevelings shavings and put them into my Kitchenaid stand mixer. I used the wire whisk and started to slowly add hot water. I continually added more water until I got a thick texture. :D 1 cup of shavings turned into 2 quarts of thick whipped cream soap. I took my wife's home made pouf and dipped it into the stuff and tried washing mu arms and hands....VERY NICE BUBBLES! I did add a bit of Sweet Almond Oil and some Germall Plus since there is water in the mixture. I'm going to package in the 1 quart size disposable plastic containers, have Phyllis decorate them up and sell on my Etsy store. I added a blue and violet pigments to the batch to colour it lavender and scented with Lavender Flowers from NG. Thanks again Becky! 8) :D

Tonight a new batch of manly salt bars. I'm scenting with Green Irish Tweed from

I have plans for my crock pot too! Homemade potato soup :D .

I spent 2 hours on my etsy shop last night and another 2 on it today.