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Feb 1, 2023
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When one of your designs crosses over and becomes a piece of art (that someone wants to purchase), is there anything you can do to preserve it? Or will it be fine just as it is? How long can soap last if it's simply ,framed and sitting unbothered on a shelf?
It really depends on your recipe, and on where it is kept. If it is framed and can't breathe, it may sweat or produce condensation. If it is in humid conditions, or left in sunlight it might eventually get DOS and look ugly. If it is high in DOS-prone oils then it could also get DOS.
My guess would be anywhere from 1 - 5 years depending on the above variables.
she poured Elmer's glue all over it and displayed it in the china cabinet
I had a neighbor who once "wallpapered" a bedroom wall with sheets of blue sky and white clouds. She finished them with a decoupage treatment made with Elmer's Glue.
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As a former framer for all kinds of art, you might want to look into "Archival Framing" for suggestions. You might be able to work with a local framer like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Think "Box frame" deep enough to accommodate the soap.
Thank you @dibbles for tagging me. I agree with @KiwiMoose, it depends how it is kept and made.
The Frida soap is still at display in a shadow box, going on two years now. I saw it the other day but didn’t stop to study it. Will do that next time. The box has a glass cover and it sits on a table by the entrance door (gets some filtered sunlight) and I did notice that the green background had started to show DOS signs a while back. (some yellowing around the edges, like mentioned here.) However the face itself has not changed (I did not use any fragrance on it).

Back then I blamed the sun and I know that had something to do with it, but later I had reason to believe it was the fragrance I used. (A very old fragrance). I made another soap, split it in half and used the same fragrance as the Frida soap for one half, the soaps made with that half turned rancid very quickly while the other soaps remained fresh much longer. So I would suggest:
- using a very low superfat recipe
- Having a water discount
- using fresh oils, including fresh fragrance oils or no FO
- Keeping some moisture absorbing beads in the display case (like the ones in tiny packets that come with new stuff)
- keeping it away from sunlight
- avoid TD If possible. I often get DOS in my white soap dough colored with TD more than any other color. I thought the white was what made it more noticeable, but the other colors don’t smell off.

would love to see what you make!
The Frida soap is still at display in a shadow box
Shadow box frame! That's the name of the frame type I meant but couldn't remember what it was called. Old person here. 🤪 The other thing about framing that's worth mentioning is the art should have no contact with cardboard. Be sure the backing is archival paper, usually 100% cotton but that may have changed since I was managing an art supplies, framing and art gallery in the mid-80's.

would love to see what you make!
Me too! :nodding:

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