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Chalk Creek

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Nov 23, 2007
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I thought I'd share a few pics of our mountain hideaway. We have 30 acres about 20 miles from home and we go up there most weekends, year round. Access is by 4wheel drive or ATV in the summer and snowmobile in the winter. There is a short while each spring and fall when we cannot get one type of vehicle all the way, so we drive as far as we can and snowshoe or hike the rest of the way. It's at 11,500' elevation and is just so beautiful. Lots of elk, mule deer, black bear, mountain lion, fox, coyote, hawks, eagles, etc. We have a small storage shed (8x10) just big enough to store a few things and to be an emergency shelter. Anyway, here's our little hideaway with a group of friends that came up to enjoy the day.



Woodi, our cabin is located in a safe place with just a small, heavily treed, gentle slope behind it. We are always cautious of avalanche danger and wear avalanche beacons when riding. A friend of ours was buried in a small one on Sunday. His friends got him out and he's fine but it was really scary for them. The avalanche was a small one and in a spot where it is quite rare. Seems like the weather is doing strange things all over the country.
send me some snowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! good lord its still in the 60's here tonight! blechhhhhhhhhhhh :(

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