Silicone Mold in Oven?

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Jan 14, 2014
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I have an oval and rectangle guest size silicone mold from Crafter's Choice (#1608 and #1610). I've done two batches in these molds and both batches were a disaster - soft and stuck to mold. If I process the batch by putting the mold in low temp oven would that solve the problem?
If you gel the soap, it will be easier for you to unmold in a shorter time frame. It can give a different look to the soap, a slight translucence and darker color in some instances and whether you gel or not is a matter of personal preference. YOu can put your mold on a heating pad on low and cover, or put it inthe oven after preheating the oven to 170-190 degrees. I prefer to put my molds in a water bath if I'm using the oven, for more even heating and to prevent the bubbles along the side that you can get with silicone in an oven. If you use a water bath, put it in the oven while you are heating so the water gets to be about 140-150 degrees. You can then put your mold in the water bath and turn off the oven.

If you prefer not to gel, pop your molds in the freezer for an hour and the soap will come out. It may still be soft once it thaws but you'll have it out of the molds and it will start to dry and firm up faster.