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Dont you hate it when you run out of oils..


your supplier is on vacation until the 13th


you have about 30 fragrance oils to try on the way to your house..


all you can do is smell the bottles until your supplier decides to come back?

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
(((HUGGS)))) :wink: Been there, done that! Sorry, If you and I were closer, I'd try to give you some of my stock until you got yours!

Paul.... :wink:

PS: Right now, I have 6 gallons of RBO sitting in my stock closet! LOL Need some?
I am going to go to the local soap supply company and get one. (Soap Saloon) but she is very expensive. I get my stuff from a guy in Fremont which isnt too far from me.. but even when he ships it, its still cheaper than hers..
Went to her site, (Soap Saloon) you're right, very expensive! :shock:
Wishing you the best of luck...

Paul.... :wink:
She asked me to just purchase from her, and i cant afford to. She is a very nice women, she purchased the store about a year ago. But the stuff is so **** expensive. She has this Cranberry Fragrance by the lb is like 45.00 or so...

I love the stuff, love her store.. but cant afford it.
I am waiting on 3 orders, 2 of supplies and a new mold. Every day I rush home from work looking for my parcels, HOPING that they got here early, even though I know that they take at least a week, sometimes more.

The worst was when the post office had a new guy, who forgot to put my parcel notification in my post office box, so I had to wait an extra 3 days before I started to think that there was something wrong!

Smellitlikeitis, I know where you are coming from in regards to your supplier. There is one on-line store that I love, but they are across the other side of Australia from me. They have great products and fabulous service, the best I've come across, but their base oils are more expensive than another supplier that is closer. Finances dictate that I have to go with the cheaper supplier, especially as I am just learning and experimenting.