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Dec 26, 2007
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As I was mixing up a batch of my new shop soap recipe, I realized that I hadn't ever shared any of my recipes here on the board. Sort of funny, considering that I'm always coming up with new ones. :)

Anyway, here's a new shop soap recipe of mine:

800g Coconut Oil (Virgin, USDA Certified Organic, small-batched by hand in the Philippines)
700g Olive Oil (Extra Virgin, Organic, Produced in Crete by the Abea farming cooperative)
400g Palm Oil (Unrefined, USDA Certified Organic, small-batched by hand in Ghana)
600g Kpangnan Butter (Produced by the Agbanga Karite cooperative - thanks Paul, for the group purchase!)

Lye Solution
722g Water
361g NaOH

Essential Oils
50g Peppermint (1st Distillation)
50g Eucalyptus
25g Tea Tree

Other Admixtures
2 parts Canary LabColor/1 part Emerald LabColor (to medium-green tone)
1800g Sea Salt

Procedural Notes
Because of the hardness of the Kpangnan, I pre-warmed the oils some which is a deviation from my usual RTCP procedure. I followed my usual regimen of stick blending to medium trace, then added essential oils and colorant. I then added the sea salt at the very end. Once it was all incorporated I poured into the molds.

Formulation Theory
Being a shop soap, I added the salt to get some mild abrasive action into the bars. The peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils are there to cover up solvent odors (like gasoline), and the tea tree provides some relief/antiseptic qualities for scratches and cuts.

The next time I make this up, I plan to try a different essential oil mix that incorporates a low concentration of d-Limonene for degreasing. Probably d-Limonene, Lime Essential Oil, and Lemon Essential Oil.

Anyway, there's a recipe for you all... I'll post some pictures of the cured bars at some point.

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