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Jul 21, 2014
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I thought we could not ship fragrance oils below 200 degrees flashpoint via USPS. if you go on Bramble berry you see all the flash point below 200 degrees stating it has to be shipped by FedEx.
I was searching on to the USPS website and came across this.

it seem like you can maybe ship via USPS below 200 degrees flashpoint? Anybody have any additional information on this I would greatly appreciate is also the link I saw quoting Brambleberry's policy of not being able to ship.\Essential Oils - Bramble Berry.htm
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Thank you for sharing this information. I've not shipped any FO's but once (1 bottle) and would like to destash a bunch and this will help a great deal.
she said I can ship it US Postal Service! I told her that the flash point was below 200 degrees but above 141 degrees and she said you can ship it. She said you need to package them in a separate bag from the container it is being sent in, to make sure that they don't leak...and on the website it states that you can't ship two in the same container but she acted like she really didn't know the regulations in its not a big deal you can go ahead and bring it. So that brings me to:why does Brambleberry only ship their fragrance oils below 200 degrees flashpoint via FedEx when I'm pretty sure they're a lot more expensive? I'm wondering if the US Postal Service recently changed their policy that I know Brambleberry was filing complaints about, but I'm wondering if Brambleberry realizes that maybe they changed their policy. anybody can help clarify this and help me to understand I would really appreciate it.
Brambleberry and other suppliers have special accounts through UPS/FedEx and get discounts for their large amount of shipping. I think most suppliers have crazy shipping for small quantities so I try to order a lot of things to make it worth my while.
I understand, but that second link I posted as well as on the Brambleberry website, if you click on a fragrance oil with a flash point below 200 degrees, both will state that it is not allowed to be shipped through the u s postal service. That's my question. the Postal Service website link I provided makes it look like it can be shipped, the Brambleberry stating it cant. So I'm wondering why the discrepancy. Thanks for your reply.

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