Shave Soap: MUFAs, PUFAs, and castor oil

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Mar 29, 2021
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Omaha, NE
I re-read one of my favorite threads Linoleics Anonymous and was nearly tempted to post, but didn't want to throw it off track.

I come back here from time to time and have further read up on PUFAs as a result. Being that the "kinks" in PUFAs structures seem to be the weak point with regards to DOS, what do you think about the MUFAs and their upper limits may be? Perhaps their are other risks beside rancidity (which can be dealt with using ROE).

I have been playing around with my shave soap recipe once again and in working with the 15% PUFA budget, 50% SA floor, I've come up with a 21% MUFA (oleic/ricinoleic) total. Is this too much? Am I risking an amorphous blob that will never harden? I'm half tempted to finally incorporate a smidge of NaOH to ensure I get a semi-decent texture, but am curious if anyone else has gone this route.

I'd love to get the skin feel benefits of both PUFAs and MUFAs being I'm working with Coconut Oil. Funny enough in trying to lower it I just realized Castor oil is the only oil that increases the bubble number without increasing cleansing. What an amazing oil! Very tempted to completely drop coconut to get a magical zero for cleansing. Anyway, some more containers on order for the experiments. Any words shave soapers?

Attached soapcalc recipe for what I'm considering. Note, I'm not using HO sunflower oil but regular HL as I want to see what the linoleic acid brings to the party.


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