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Nov 26, 2007
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Newbie from Idaho here,
My daughter has made some very pretty melt n pour soaps for Christmas gifts and found that she WAY over made even with our other children picking out some to also give. She would like to sell the extras as a fund raiser for a trip to Guatemala she is taking next yr. Can you give me some ideas to pass on to her as far as $ to charge, best ways to sell, packaging, etc?

I know she would appreciate it :0)

Wholesale prices are typically 2xyour costs. Retail is 3x (and up) your cost. You can use this as your guide to figure out your pricing for your area/market.

MP gets sticky when out in the air, so I would suggest at least packing the soaps in something that will keep them wrapped. Keeping them wrapped keeps dirty hands off and helps the soap from getting dusty and scuffed up. They won't look so appealing if they get dirty and scratched.

I don't do mp but have heard of some that get the colored saran wraps and use that.
A dollar in oz for M&P is pretty standard.

M&P needs to be airtight so it does not shrivel so I agree about saran wrap. I would then drop the wrapped bar into a clear cello bag for extra protection. Just in cello it will get dinged up. M&P is soft.
I am currently wrapping with saran, then putting in a cello bag. I'm working on boxes, but will still most likely do the saran or cello (not both). I like the look of boxes better.

I leave my m&p unwrapped for 3-7 days before wrapping. I think it makes it better.

Good luck with her fundraiser!